March 30, 2016 5:27 pm

Jordan Cane and Robert Megennis star in USF2000 Opener

Both Jordan Cane and Robert Megennis are competing in their first season of USF2000, part of the prestigious Mazda road to Indy program. This is usually a series dominated by second year drivers and in 2016 the average age of the drivers is 21 so both Jordan, 15 and Robert, 16 are very much the juniors in the category. Despite this fact they both put in very mature drives belying there years to both get on the podium in their first weekend of the series and becoming the youngest ever drivers to get on the podium in USF2000’s long history.


Jordan and Robert are both owners of our Evolution F1 home simulator and Jordan is also a regular at Pro-Sim most weekends he is not racing to further his Development. With the close relationship we have with Jordan we have been able to create a USF2000 car for the simulator that reacts exactly like the real car. We have taken this a step further this year by testing out different setup solutions prior to the event to ensure every angle is covered.

On both their home simulators they have the latest model of the USF2000 car and circuits that are updated in real time from our main server. This means every time a change is made at Gatwick, Robert will instantly get the update over in New York, this ensures all our customers are up to date with the latest car/track models and even setups.


Jordan Cane had this to say:

” This was my first meeting in the series and my first time at a street circuit, getting a podium was a great feeling, also being the youngest ever to achieve a podium felt incredible.

I have to thank Adrian at Pro Sim, the model on my home sim was so realistic that I already knew the lines, gear changes and braking points etc. that allowed me to just concentrate on the race strategy, which was really helpful as we had very little running time prior to racing!”


Robert Megennis had this to say:

“The Grand Prix of St. Pete was amazing and my race to third was great. Preparation on the sim before the event made a huge difference. With the limited amount of practice time USF2000 was given I found that my pre event practice helped to give me the pace I needed to get on the podium.”