August 5, 2016 6:44 pm

Pro-Sim Becomes Sole Distributor of SimSteering and XAP Simulator steering wheels

Director of Leo Bodnar Electronics joins Pro-Sim

It is with great pleasure to announce that John Beeson, former director of Leo Bodnar Electronics has joined Pro-Sim to focus on developing a new line of the highest quality racing simulator products  whilst further improving the SimSteering brand.

The move has given Pro-Sim a huge boost with product development, brand awareness, sales and customer service, as well add years of experience with the everyday tasks involved with running a business. John was responsible for such tasks within Leo Bodnar Electronics and helped create the high level of customer service that customers have become to expect in recent years.

“I am very excited by the move to Pro-Sim and the opportunities it has opened up allowing us to make some really fantastic products together.” Explains John.

“After sharing a stand at the Autosport International Show earlier this year it became apparent that Adrian (director of Pro-sim) and I could work together very well. After a few discussions we decided this would be the perfect route to progress both Pro-Sim and Leo Bodnar Electronics allowing us to provide some great new products together and further improve the customer support and products for the consumers of the SimSteering brand.”

“With Pro-Sim’s link to Quaife Engineering and access to their design team and distribution network we have a brilliant opportunity to really take the simulation market to a level many would never have even considered possible.”

Adrian adds: “As a customer of SimSteering products myself I have dealt with John for a number of years. After we discussed the opportunity to work together it became apparent this was a great opportunity for both of us. Pro-Sim has always been at the forefront of developing high quality products and I am certain this partnership will bring these products to a much wider audience. I am also very happy with the sole distributorship of SimSteering and XAP Simulator wheels that John brings with him and I look forward to seeing these on our new online shop.”

All new and existing customers of SimSteering products are welcome to contact Pro-Sim for support and advice and there will be some excellent new online guides, tutorials and videos on the Pro-Sim website and YouTube channel coming soon.

John also brings sole distributorship of the XAP steering wheels for simulation purposes to Pro-Sim and some exciting new developments regarding this will be coming soon.