The Simulator


We have a variety of ways we can run your session for you but it would be best for you to contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can put together a programme just for you.

What do we provide?

When you come to use our simulator you will have a data engineer and driver coach on hand to help you. However of course you are welcome and we actively encourage you to bring your own engineer along and we can run the session for you under our guidance.

We will give you a folder so that you can keep all your notes and print outs in one place, this makes it’s a good reference to take with you to the track to remind yourself of what you need to do.

What do you need to bring?

When you come you will just need your boots and gloves but you can also bring as much or as little of your race gear you want to add to the realism.

Corporate Days:

We can also accommodate corporate days for up to 8 guests. You will receive full access to the simulator and will have all the data exactly the same as any of our regular drivers would. This is a great alternative to a track day where you can drive on whatever circuit or circuits and whatever car you want which would be impossible in real life, and cannot be spoiled by bad weather! This can be a great team building day for your business where you have full access to our facility competing for the best lap times whilst learning and improving along the way. Lunch can also be included in the day.