The Simulator


Our Simulator is truly unique in the fact that nearly every part of our simulator has been designed and manufactured in house. With this approach it has allowed us to spend time developing the best possible simulator for you. When we looked at all the simulators and companies already on the market we realised that although they all have their own good points, no one managed to create a sim with all the good points in one package and that is where we come in. We meticulously went through every detail on all the available simulators, thought of a way to enhance each element and then put it all together. The Pro-Sim simulator was born.

We are also soon to launch a truly revolutionary development for our simulator which is G-force applied through the helmet. Wearing one of our specially designed helmets in our simulator you will be able to feel the same G-force as you are experiencing in the simulator in real time, this has huge benefits for feeling exactly what the car is doing through constant cueing and also in driver fitness.

Some of the key features of our simulator:

  • Geometric perfect double curved spherical screen to 186 degrees
  • High resolution projectors with very high refresh rates for no motion blur
  • Very powerful and accurate force feedback steering to real steering torque data
  • Fully adjustable feel on brake pedal in both knock off and how ‘spongy’ the pedal feels for different sized master cylinders
  • Electronically fully adjustable pedal box
  • Reach adjustment steering column
  • Different steering wheels to choose from with programmable shift lights, including XAP wheel as used in Formula Renault, GP3, WSR and GP2
  • Manual gear change or paddle shift
  • Full surround sound
  • Simulator in separate room so there are no distractions
  • Radio communication between engineer and driver
  • Live telemetry, video feed and sector times in the control room
  • Engineered and machined to ISO 9001 quality standards