Driver coaching

On track coaching

Another package we other is that we will supply driving notes for each track to you. This will compliment your simulator sessions because you can practice the correct lines, kerb usage and technique for that corner. It would then be advisable to make notes during your session so that when you go to your race you can remind yourself of what you need to do at each corner and remember back to what you did on the simulator to maximize the benefit of your simulator time.

However if you would like to take this a step further Adrian is available to come with you to the track to follow up on what you have learnt on the simulator and put that into practice. Adrian is very good with and has worked with many data systems so that you can both analyse your performance on the track the same way you would at Pro-Sim. Adrian will be able to quickly identify areas you can work on to further reduce your lap times and it is also good to see if you are putting into practice what you learnt on the sim.

As well as this on Adrian can advise you on setup adjustments to help you extract the maximum performance from your car. Sometimes some drivers never feel completely confident with their car that costs a lot of laptime, but we can identify this early and make the necessary change and you will be surprised at your gains! We can even test out the different feelings of your car on our simulator to evaluate the best options for you on track.