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Performance Analysis

Not only do we provide you with accurate car models so that you can practice exactly what you will be doing in real life but we also analyse all of this in several ways as well against a benchmark, because after all what is the point in practising the wrong thing? We benefit from a Motec data logging system which makes it compatible with all types of motorsport simulations. The data has far more channels than you receive in real life which means we can see what you and the car are doing like never before.

Whether you understand data or not it will not matter as we have a competent data engineer at every session that can analyse it all for you and even teach you what you should be looking for. A new feature which we have is the ability to overlay your on track video to see a ghost car so that you can see exactly where the faster car was driving. We also have live telemetry which will run compared to our benchmark data so we can see in real time if you are improving and what you are doing wrong. With all of this information we can let you know how you are doing with are pit to car radio system, this can also prepare you for driving and having your engineer talk to you, the only difference is he will have more information here than in real life!

All data that you produce by driving will be confidential and not shared with any of our other clients. We have benchmark data for every track and car though so that you have some data to compare to allowing you to can see where and how you need to improve.