Pro-Sim are pleased to announce the launch of our new Evolution II simulator

which is a completely new design of simulator and comes directly from our highly successful flagship model. The idea behind our new simulator is to have a one size fits all, that is engineered from the ground up. The new Evolution II can transform from a GT driving position straight into F1 at the touch of a button, with the perfect seating position and comfort in both forms. As with all Pro-Sim products the new Evolution II will be manufactured to ISO 9001 specification and will only be built using the best materials and techniques available making it the ideal home simulator or commercial sales tool.

With the Evolution II we set out to make a high strength frame that could be used for race driver training and be capable of taking extremely high loads. The Evolution II is completely solid and this was achieved with its unique shape and using the latest and best stress analysis tools to ensure that the frame can take the maximum braking loads and achieve zero flex. Nothing is worse than braking hard and having the frame flex under your feet as all the realism disappears at that moment but this is not something you will have to worry about with your new Evolution II.

The Evolution II uses many concepts and parts from our main simulator which is widely regarded as having the best controls on any simulator including the same pedal set and force feedback system and gear change. The pedal box on the Evolution II is exactly the same as on our main simulator and features our latest brake design where the pedal feel can be completely adjusted in around 5 seconds and easily take over 200kgs of force. The knock off which is the free play can be adjusted and also how ‘spongy’ the pedal is, we have calculated the pedal feel for each type of car and have 5 different variations in different colours for you to choose from. The throttle pedal has three positions of force which can be adjusted to suit your requirements and come directly from our experience. We use the highly regarded sim steering force feedback system using our specified motor for the perfect inertia matched to our frame for the ultimate feel of the road.

The manual gear change option will deliver unparalleled realism not before seen on a simulator by utilising a Quaife gear change mechanism that gives the exact same feeling as a real sequential gearbox. We also have two lengths of gear lever available for either GT or single seater gear change.

Apart from the finest controls seen on any simulator the Evolution II can be adjusted in every way possible to ensure anyone can find the perfect driving position no matter what size to achieve the best lap times possible. The steering wheel can be adjusted up/down, forward/back. The seat can be adjusted up/down, forward/back and the angle of recline can be adjusted. The seat also features a tactile feedback system so that you can feel every bump on the road through our special profile that uses the cars physics to provide feedback. The pedals also move forwards and backwards via an electronic actuator for ease and comfort. The frame can also be anodised in your colour of choice along with custom branding on the side panels to make your business really stand out in a crowd.

The key points of the new Evolution II are:

  • Easily adjustable between GT and F1 position from the touch of a button
  • Engineered and machined to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Sim Steering force feedback with Pro-Sim motor balanced for inertia
  • The steering motor is mounted at the side of the motor for maximum leg room, the steering is also supported from the sides so that you can left or right foot brake comfortably
  • Pro-Sim custom pedals capable of over 200kgs of force on the brake
  • Scratch resistant hard chrome pedal plate
  • Pro-Sim quick change brake pedal feel in 5 different options
  • Optional Quaife sequential gear change with choice of two gear levers
  • Choice of different steering wheels and dash options
  • Electronically adjustable pedals
  • Super high strength frame with no flex
  • Fully adjustable seating position via steering wheel, seat and pedals in many ways to fit many sizes
  • Comfortable seat designed for the racer with low sides so that your elbows do not hit the edge of the seat when going from lock to lock
  • Easy to get in and out with frame cut back angle by the steering mount
  • Custom anodizing of frame in your own colours
  • Custom branding of side panels and headrest embroidery available
  • 2 hour coaching session at Pro-Sim with Adrian Quaife-Hobbs
  • Pro-Sim custom software available

We will be selling the new Evolution II in many turnkey packages ranging from £19,950+vat. All packages will be built to order then delivered assembled and they can also be supplied in a flight case so that you can take them to your events to really make an impact with the most innovative simulator available.

With every purchase you will also benefit from a 2 hour session at Pro-Sim with Adrian Quaife-Hobbs to help you get the maximum possible from your new Evolution II.