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Formula Evo

The Formula Evo is our market leading formula driver development simulator originally designed to allow current F1 driver Lando Norris to be able to get more practice from home, the design has been honed over the years to what we feel is the ultimate formula training tool. This simulator comes as standard with all the best parts we make and only the best options available. The Formula Evo has been ergonomically designed to be able to feel like any formula car from F1 and also more reclined prototype cars including our bespoke seat designed with the simulator in mind giving you ample elbow clearance for maximum comfort. The Formula Evo also features our electronic adjustable pedal box as standard to quickly move the pedals to the perfect position at the touch of a button via our unique linear bearing arrangement.

The sim has also been designed to be moved easily at only 500mm wide so that it can fit through even the smallest of doors. The sim also splits in the middle with the seat being removable from the front frame with just a few bolts and all the electrics are on quick disconnect fittings.

Customizations Available:
Custom logo’s laser cut into the frame and or stickers
Carbon fibre options
Custom multi colour frame to any RAL colour

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