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The PSL GT is our entry level professional GT frame. The PSL GT is built using our popular Esport frame but with all the same core components as our top of the range Evo GT. The PSL GT frame features many adjustments so that you can find the perfect driving position including the height of the pedals for sports prototype like Radicals.

The sim has also been designed to be moved easily at only 550mm wide so that it can fit through even the smallest of doors. The sim has been designed to split in the middle with the seat being removable from the front frame with just a few bolts and all the electrics are on quick disconnect fittings. The PSL frame is also one of the most tidy frames on the market as well because all the electronics sit underneath the pedals so there is only one USB cable coming out the front and one IEC power connector to connect.

Customizations Available:
Custom logo’s laser cut into the frame and or stickers
Carbon fibre options
Custom multi colour frame to any RAL colour