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Pro-Sim Spec SimSteering2 FFB System (54) – 26Nm

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The Pro-Sim Spec Simsteering2 system has been tuned and configured between Our Director and experienced race driver Adrian Quaife-Hobbs and Leo Bodnar Electronics to make the system behave and react in a more realistic way than the regular system.

Adrian has driven in many race catagories starting from Formula Renault right up to Formula 1 and more recently GT3 in Blancpain and has worked with simulators for many years so he was in a unique position to be able to give precise feedback of the feeling that should be experienced. We also have many professional race drivers who fly in from around the world to train on our main simulator at Gatwick, UK and also drivers who own one of our training simulators are all very happy with the steering and often state how realistic it is compared to others.

What we have worked on is the steering feel as when you have the damping settings low the feeling is very good and raw in the corners but you suffer with oscillations and this is the major problem with force feedback in general. We worked on the firmware so that you can run lower damping settings to get the feelings mid corner but not suffer the oscillations at high force feedback levels. This in turn improves the feel you get and also allows you to feel the smaller details like the road texture and smaller details that can be lost with high damping settings.

We have also provided our recommended settings for this steering system and also the in game settings for Iracing to use below which have been tuned by Adrian Quaife-Hobbs.

It will work with all other software including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, rF1 & 2 etc and improve the steering feel and stability.


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Recommended Settings for most games:

Wheel angle = 540 degrees

Overall Damping = 16%

AI Effects Scale = 100%

Inertia = 15%

Friction = 2%

Iracing Specific Settings:

Sim Steering Settings:

Wheel angle = 540 degrees

Overall Damping = 10%

AI Effects Scale = 100%

Inertia = 12%

Friction = 1%

In Game settings:

  • 0% in game damping
  • 0% minimum force
  • 27Nm Wheel force
  • Linear mode checked and start at 4.o for the multiplier and work your way up or down depending on desired force.
  • Reduce force when parked checked.

Key Features

Smooth, precise, reliable and compact, the high quality Kollmorgen AKM54 servo motor provides up to 26Nm of torque and has an incredibly high resolution feedback system. Realistic steering forces are transferred to the driver in a powerful yet controlled way. Other motors are also available.
480W power supply that can be powered from 100V to 240V mains supply.
SimSteering2 control box with adjustments made via software on PC.


Standard (54) Kit Components

– SimSteering Control Box
– High precision and strength 54 servo motor with up to 26Nm of torque
– 2m motor cables
– 3m USB Cable
– Choice of UK, US or EU power cable
– Emergency Stop Button


Plug and Play

The system may look complicated but it is in fact very easy to setup and use. Once the motor is mounted and all the cables are plugged in you can switch it on and use. No drivers or plugins are required. The system is a generic force feedback device working through DirectX so if a game outputs force feedback there is a very high probability that it will work straight away.

Huge adjustable steering lock range

The design of our system could allow almost any amount of lock imaginable however it we have set the maximum limit in the firmware to 1500°. If your application requires a higher amount of lock than this please contact us.

Modular system

The standard motorsport bolt patterns featured on our shaft clamp adaptor allows you to attach almost any steering wheel or adapt a steering column to fit.

Versatile mounting

The compact servo motor is separated from the power/control box by two 2 metre cables allowing it to be mounted remotely at the end of a cockpit or frame with the box hidden away from view. We also provide an optional adjustable mounting bracket which may be suitable for certain applications. A 3d model of the motor is available in the Product Downloads tab to assist you in integrating the motor into your own mounting solution.



Motor (54)
Width – 110mm
Height – 110mm
Depth – 220mm (excluding shaft and connectors)
Weight – 9.1kg

SimSteering Control Box

Width – 300mm
Height – 150mm
Depth – 200mm (excluding connectors)
Weight – 4.1kg

Additional information

Weight 24 kg

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