March 20, 2021 4:51 pm

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Our Hydraulic shift lock is finally here to move the sim gear shifter market on a further step from our revolutionary gear shifter designs already. This shift lock has been developed over the course of a few years to add an extra element to changing gear on the simulator where you can only shift in certain conditions like the real thing. The exact criteria is built into the software but the difference will be selecting Dog or Synchro engagement where it will force you to use a clutch for Synchro or to lift correctly for Dog gears. All of this will be compatible with our own basic free software or for a more interactive experience with Simhub that will have different criteria for each gear, this will be open to any make of pedal sets and not locked in anyway.

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We have two different versions of this shift lock and in terms of function they are exactly the same, the packaging is just different. Although we fitted a mounting point to the H pattern we realised that some people may not have the space on the side after seeing installs of our shifter so we have added a top mounting option as well. The top mount shift lock for the H pattern will also fit our sequential so you only need one unit for both applications, there is one different spacer required for the Sequential which is included in the kit for H pattern and Sequential top mount.

Everything is included with the packages to fit to the shifter including all brackets, clevis’, plates, bushes and power supply.

For the software our basic version will work outside of the game and offer calibration for any pedal set to control the shift lock. This version is the simple one and we be available for free download from our website. For a more in depth simulation that talks to the game we have worked with Simhub to create something more interactive. The simhub one will know what gear and RPM you are at and set the amount of clutch / throttle lift relative to what you would need in reality. The larger the rev drop the more clutch you need or lift for example for 1st to 2nd gear this gear change always takes longer as the rev drop is the largest and this will be simulated.

We are also offering a free fitting service of this product to existing customers less shipping costs either way.

**The Hydraulic valves we are using are custom to get the feel required but these are on a 6 month lead time so until we get an understanding of the demand the gaps between stock maybe upto 6 months. Please sign upto the waitlist if you wish to purchase using the same email as your order to make it easier for us to cross reference **

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H Pattern side mount, H pattern top mount, Sequential top mount, H Pattern and Sequential top mount

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