Quotes from Pro Sim customers

Given that my career in motorsport started later than usual, having a simulator at home is one of the most valuable things. The Sim offers the best feedback in my opinion and gives me a chance to practice whenever I am not at the track!
Lucas Roy
The Pro-Sim simulator has had a massive impact in the training for our drivers. This has allowed our drivers to make big improvements in many areas of their driving. We see a very big correlation between the areas drivers lose time in the real car compared to where they lose time in the sim. This allows them to implement proper techniques without using their valuable track time to do so.
Pinnacle Motorsport
Multiple Championship winning team based in Asia
The quality of the Pro-Sim simulator is in our opinion the market leader, The help and ongoing help and support from Adrian and his team is exemplary. It is the best investment in driver training we have ever made.
JHR Developments
Multiple Championship winning race team based in Derbyshire, UK.
My Pro-Sim Evo GT is a fantastic tool which I use every day. I use it for more than just the circuit familiarisation; I focus on trying different setup changes which allows me to better understand vehicle dynamics while also gaining experience in driving around problems when the car isn’t perfect.
Jack Manchester
Blancpain GT Series Silver Cup Champion
I think simulators are key to the process and development of a driver. The Pro-Sim simulator is the closest thing you get to real life when not in the car. It is highly beneficial for drivers to learn tracks and consistently improve on things they struggle with in the real car. I have been using the Pro-Sim Simulator for the past year and will be using them for my coming year. The F3 model is the one I mostly use and I believe its the best one out!
Jehan Daruvala
Force India Academy Driver
The Pro-SIm Simulator Is great! It has already helped me this year in preparation for this season in FIA F3. I believe having a simulator at home benefits me endlessly. I can practice as much as I want and refer to the Pro-Sim team for ways of improvement or general help. I live with Lando Norris and so we are practicing against each other, practising our race craft and qualifying speed.
Sacha Fenestraz
2017 Formula Renault Eurocup Champion
The sim has helped me catch up and get ahead of other around me as I hadn’t had a lot of experience in the cars. I believe the Pro-Sim has played a huge part in my development. Its precision and feeling, there is nothing like it on the market.
Martin Kodric
Lamborghini GT3 Junior & 2018 Blancpain GT Series Asia - GT3 Champion
Adrian worked closely with us every step of the way from the planning to the build process. Already having the tub meant that Pro-Sim had to fully customise our Sim from start to finish. The engineered components are a work of art, and the constant updates and development mean we stay ahead of the game
Euroz Racing
Driver management company based in new south wales in Australia run by mutiple kart champions Jamie Rush and Oliver Myers.
Pro sims is a must have simulator that helps you improve your driving ability which ultimately makes you faster on track. Going to a new track is always difficult especially with the limited amount of time you have before race day. Pro Sims has helped me in many ways when I approach a new track. Beside the general onboard videos, track notes and track maps, when I use the simulator I can prepare myself for what it actually feels like on track. Using the simulator before a race makes you a lot more confident your first time on track to push your limits because you already have brake references in your mind and also expectations of how the car will react. If you have the confidence to start off at a faster pace you will have more time to fine tune your driving and go even faster come race day. In addition you have already remembered the track and learned things you can only learn when you are in the car. For example the sim really helps out with attacking blind corners, learning camber corners and areas of the track where you can attack the curb which you dont usually learn till you are there. Not the mention the physical workout it gives your arms when you practice on the sim . These are just a couple ways the sim has helped me prepare for the green flag on race day. 
Calvin Ming
2012 - National NZ shifter champion; 2013 - 125 KZ Shifter champion; 2016 - multiple race winner in F1600
My sim has become a crucial part of my pre-race preparation. It helps me learn the tracks, get comfortable with different setups, and perfect my technique before I even arrive at the event. I spend over an hour on my sim everyday, and it has definitely helped me improve. I love my Pro-Sim!
Robert Megennis
2014- rotax max champion; 2015 - 8 podiums in F1600; 2016 - Rookie of the year in USF2000; 2017 - already a race winner and pole sitter in round 1 of USF2000
Great graphics and plenty of set up choices have really helped me prepare for each event before I get there. Very high quality simulator package with great support so definetely well worth it to ensure you waste no time when you arrive at the track.
Colin Kingsnorth
Historic racer and VW Funcup championship
When looking for a simulator I wanted something that would be reliable and realistic as well as have the quality to fit in well with my car collection, which is why I choose pro sim. the pro sim simulators have been a great addition to my garage and have provided great fun at many events when racing against eachother. With a busy schedule it's great that i can drive at any track in the world at any time of which I hope to visit soon and put into practice what I have learnt on the sim. The support and afterservice has also been great from the team at Pro-Sim.
Ian Poulter
Twice PGA tour winner and 13 international tour wins and avid car collector
Of all solutions we looked at, Pro-Sim has always been my favourite. The quality and the support are unbeatable.
Niklas Kreutten
RFM driver and race winner at the highest level in karting
A simulator is a hugely beneficial tool to help train and develop drivers before and during the season. However as a driver myself I know how important it is to get the right feel from a simulator so it is as close to life as possible. Adrian and his team have done an exceptional job developing each of the cars we use and as a result it is a very influential part of our in our driver development process. Not only that, it is a safe and controlled environment for young, inexperienced drivers to help them gain confidence and develop their skills before they begin testing.
Chris Dittmann
Race and championship winning team in British F3 and F3 cup championships.
Having purchased an Evolution GT Pro Sim simulator two years ago I can really see the benefit of investing time in the Sim, I use the simulator to prepare for all my racing activities, practicing driving techniques and lines is key to each pre-race weekend.
Mark Holme
Late start in motorsport but rapidly progressing in the Funcup series
The Pro-Sim Simulator is perfect for pre race weekend preparation, being able to put in laps at any of my chosen circuits before a race weekend cuts down on the time it takes to get on the pace. The circuits and car models are extremely accurate which is very important when looking to improve my technique. Being able to take data and ideas to the circuit before testing gives me and the team an idea of what we need to work towards. The support and technical help available from Pro-Sim is fantastic, you know you are not only getting a great product but a great support team behind you
Bradley Smith
2012 - Radical clubman cup champion; 2013 - Radical SR3 Challenge champion; 2014 - Radical european masters champion; 2015 - Ards A grade instructor
I use the Pro Sim facilities a lot before I started car testing as I felt it offered a lot in terms of learning driving techniques for cars that are different from karting. Being able to test something on the sim and then talk about it during the session really helps my progression. I also find it very useful for learning different tracks that I am not familiar with which then enabled me to make the most of the real life test days as I do not need to use half a day to learn where the track goes.
Logan Sargeant
2015 - WSK Champion, FIA World KFJ champion; 2016 - WSK Champion
Pro-Sim offers one of the best simulators for professional racing drivers in order to prepare their race weekends. The simulator is very realistic, both steering feel braking as well visual. The analysis on data and video is very beneficial for all drivers. Apart from my own activities in GT racing, I look after the careers of some young drivers and see the benefit they have of working together with Pro-Sim
Carlo Van Dam
2001 - European Formula A champion; 2002 - Wouter van Eeuwijk Trophy champion; 2003 - Andrea Margutti Trophy - Formula A champion; 2007 - ATS Formula 3 champion; 2008 - Japenese Formula 3 champion; 2011 - ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen champion; 2012 - 24h Nürburgring winner; 2016 - TCR Thailand champion and 24h Nürburgring winner. Also driver coach and manager to young drivers.
Overall I was extremely impressed with the realism from the system. Instead of just teaching me to brake deeper I was able to improve subtle techniques that previously I could only learn from doing laps in a real car. It was far beyond the technology of any simulator i had seen or used before
Jake Parsons
Multiple race winner in various kart championships; 2014 - Formula masters china series champion
With testing becoming more expensive and harder to come by during the season, a simple trip to Pro-Sim provides an easy solution to this problem, where I can prepare myself for the season ahead with comprehensive data and coaching by Pro-Sim on their highly-realistic simulators. After using the simulator I could go to unfamiliar tracks in an unfamiliar car in my race season, and still immediately be a front-runner. Even though I live in Malaysia, the trip to Pro-Sim is well worth it, and I’m excited to continue my training at home with the new line of home simulators now!
Daniel Woodroof
2011- malaysian kart champion; 2013-2015 - Multiple race winner in the Asia cup series and Formula masters china.
I believe Pro Sim has been one of the most useful tools for development in my career. I have used it for qualifying simulation, race simulation and tyre management. The experience of Adrian as well means I can learn through all the moments he experienced in his career. He's been so valuable in my career and will be for my future as well.
Mitch Gilbert
Race wins in Formula renault and F3. 3rd in Porsche carrera cup asia 2016.
I find this simulator very similar to real life in the way the car reacts and this allows me to arrive fully prepared at my event. The accuracy means that I can experiment with different lines and techniques that can be used at the track and this is extremely valuable when it comes to a new circuit or reminding me of references and circuit specifics.
George Russell
2012 - FIA European KF3 champion; 2014 - BRDC formula 4 champion; 2016 - 3rd FIA F3 European championship; 2017 - Mercedas-AMG Petronas Motorsport Junior programme
At ADD we believe driver simulation training is one of the most important  tools in becoming a successful racing driver. However using the wrong sim is counter productive, and can make a driver worse!  We’ve looked at pretty much every simulator on the market and the Prosim range are in a league of there own. Driving characteristics, car models, circuit accuracy, and after sales service set Prosim way above the rest. In our opinion its a “no brainer”
ADD Motorsport
I find Pro-Sim very useful when preparing for my races, especially when racing all over Europe. It is a very accurate sim with a range of circuits and cars to fit the need of any driver. It is the best sim environment I've come across in my career so far
Charlie Robertson
2012 - ginetta junior champion; 2014 - michelin Ginetta GT4 supercup champion; 2015 - European le mans series LMP3 champion
I have been going to Pro Sim now for over 2 years and I think it is one of the main reasons for my development and results so far, its not only about learning new tracks although that is a big benefit as I don’t have to waste the first few sessions of track time but its has really helped me learn different cars and how to adapt the different braking techniques much more quickly than I could on track. Also I have learnt an enormous amount about  the engineering side, how changes in suspension, aero etc change the balance of each car and what changes I need to tell the engineers to make the car go faster. Having my own sim now at home has allows me to practice what I learn at Pro-Sim, it has the same software and hardware as the one at Pro Sim so the feel is identical. I don’t think I would be topping the timesheets at a new track on the first practice day and six podiums in my last six races without the work done on the sim first!
Jordan Cane
2015 - F1600 all time record for wins in the season with 7 from 15 starts, youngest winner of a single seater race; 2016 - USF2000 podium in first race amongst others.
The sim has helped me a lot in consistency and techniques with driving the british F3. It has made me a much better driver so I don't waste time on the Friday morning when you get limited testing so I can get right on it.
Enaam Ahmed
2014 - FIA world and european KFJ Champion; 2016 - British F3 autumn trophy champion
Throughout my career so far I have used many simulators but in terms of development and accuracy I feel Pro-Sim is the best option. There are many cars and circuits to choose from on the system and I can be sure that whatever combination I pick I will be getting a true to life experience so that when i arrive at the track i am fully prepared. This is why I also have an Evolution F1 at my house so that I can continue my development with the remote coaching offered by Pro-Sim.
Lando Norris
2013 - FIA European KFJ Kart champion; 2014 - FIA World champion KF karting and 3rd ginetta junior; 2015 - MSA Formula champion; 2016 - Toyota Racing Series New Zealand champion, Formula renault 2.0 NEC champion, Formula renault eurocup champion; 2017 - McLaren F1 Junior driver