The Simulator

Cars & Tracks


All of the cars and tracks have been made and edited in house. We have a wide range of single seaters including BRDC F4, Formula Renault BARC / Eurocup, F3, GP3, AutoGP, World Series by Renault and GP2 already on the system. All the cars have been built by collaborating with the car manufacturers and the teams that run them bringing you the highest quality and most realistic experience. Every single car has been built from scratch and we would only let you drive them this way, as we do not believe in just scaling the grip or downforce up or down to make a new car which can and will give you completely the wrong feeling.

The aero and drag maps for all of these cars are within 99% accuracy across the whole ride height range with all the wing settings. We also have a few other cars including the Lotus Exige from the Lotus cup, Porsche Boxster from the Toyo tires Porsche championship and plenty others so just contact us to see if we have your car modelled already. If we don’t have the car you require we would be happy to make it for you as we can model anything from another single seater, touring car, Le Mans etc. Essentially, if it’s got four wheels we can simulate it for you.


All of our tracks are regularly updated using customer feedback, Adrian Quaife-Hobbs’ experience and also FIA briefing notes detailing changes to circuits. We also have a very wide selection of tracks already loaded on our simulator from all over the world. It is easier to say there are not many tracks we don’t have and we can still probably get them for you if your request it!